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Six years ago I decided (age) 42 would be my magic number. I stepped on the scale for the first time in a LONG time. It was a BIG number, it was a SCARY number, but mostly I knew I had to own that number. I lost 40 pounds, leaving the obese category behind. In 2014 I committed myself to working out HARD and a low sugar diet, losing more weight and gaining nice definition. Then life happened, and I lost momentum, gaining some weight back. My goals now are different, and include completing my first ever marathon at age 48. GULP! You can read about the next part of my journey here.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Turkey, served cold

There are many paths to losing weight that can be successful ... counting calories, eliminating sugar, etc. I know "Intuitive Eating" is a highly controversial subject around the blogworld. Although I do not follow that methodology, I have found some useful concepts in Geneen Roth's work. Here is a quote from her that I do like. "Sometimes the difference between hunger and satisfaction is 2 bites." You know what? It OFTEN is.
I always was a stubborn girl (get that from the Italian side of the family I think). I always said I "should" be able to lose weight and still eat sugar, drink wine, and all that. And I do honestly believe that you can lose weight and eat junk.
But .... I cannot overemphasize the benefits of cutting out sugar and processed foods from your diet for just one week.
Since cutting out sugar, my energy never flags, even during extremely boring afternoons at work. The best part is how I have found out that I don't even like alot of the crap I ate. Quite frankly, if I never have ice cream again, I hardly care. Ditto donuts, cookies, chocolate bars. With a few exceptions, I don't plan to eat desserts until I reach my goal weight. The exceptions include apple and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving .. I make fantastic pies, and I am not humble. And I will eat cake on three birthdays : my own, and my two kids... as those were the births I was actively involved in!
Alas, I do like booze, and will make room for one drink weekly.
So I am not cold turkey entirely, but the turkey is pretty chillin'
We are so brainwashed to believe we like all the shit that Americans eat. Give it a week, and you may find that for 95% of it ... you can take or leave it.


Thrice Blessed said...

I find the same thing... except for Ice Cream, I love ice cream... but cake, cookies, brownies, I don't really care...

Millie said...

Hi! I'm Millie from the Hot 100. I'm new to all of this but wanted to encourage you and tell you how smart it is to not go completely cold turkey.

Have you ever felt resentful at not being able to participate in dessert at a birthday because you didn't want the calories? Well, I have, and all it led to was self-pity eating. Kudos to you for having a PLAN. Go Hottie!