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Six years ago I decided (age) 42 would be my magic number. I stepped on the scale for the first time in a LONG time. It was a BIG number, it was a SCARY number, but mostly I knew I had to own that number. I lost 40 pounds, leaving the obese category behind. In 2014 I committed myself to working out HARD and a low sugar diet, losing more weight and gaining nice definition. Then life happened, and I lost momentum, gaining some weight back. My goals now are different, and include completing my first ever marathon at age 48. GULP! You can read about the next part of my journey here.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Hot 100 Friday

I am 187.5, down 1.5 lbs from last Friday. I was hoping for 186 for the DDD challenge, but it is unlikely I will reach that by Monday, Still a loss is a loss! Keeping in the calorie limit has been fairly easy -- only went over one day. The water is still a struggle for me, but I am working on it. I have given up artificial sweeteners because I think they are not good for me, so it is plain water or nothing. I have not given up coffee, because that would be insane. Sometimes I drink plain hot, green tea.

Hot 100 Goals:

1. Lose 40 lbs by Dec 31. Realistically to do this, I will need to be 182 by then end of November. That will be a stretch I think, but possible.
While I am not giving up on this goal, I would also be quite happy with 36 lbs, which would take me to the 170's, a place I have not been since 2000.
2. Get down to 33% body fat. The trainer will measure me next week.
3. Eat clean 90 % of the time. I keep saying I need to post about my eating plan, and never do it. I eat way better than I did two months ago, but lots of room for improvement, still.

Happy Friday!


Dawn said...

Keep at your goals. Your doing great. Water was a little bit of a struggle for me and I started to use a HydraCoach bottle. It measures your water for you. I hope to have a post up about it this week so check back with me. It's pretty cool.

Jo said...

You're doing great!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Excellent on the loss! Love to see the scale keep going in that direction! Yea!

Twix said...

You're making good progress! Keep it up! You can do this!! :D

Rock Paper Tree said...

I have a feeling you're going to reach your goal. I think that giving up the artificial sweeteners is a fantastic job on your nutrition and will bring you lots of rewards. That's not an easy one...

Lanie Painie said...

I want to lose nearly 6 lbs in the next 8 days before my doctor's appointment and for some fool reason I think I can do it. It would take me into the next decade as well. Something I haven't seen since I-don't-know-when, and more importantly, I'd weigh less than hubby!

I'm looking forward to learning more about what you eat. 90% clean is a lofty goal in this day & age!