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Six years ago I decided (age) 42 would be my magic number. I stepped on the scale for the first time in a LONG time. It was a BIG number, it was a SCARY number, but mostly I knew I had to own that number. I lost 40 pounds, leaving the obese category behind. In 2014 I committed myself to working out HARD and a low sugar diet, losing more weight and gaining nice definition. Then life happened, and I lost momentum, gaining some weight back. My goals now are different, and include completing my first ever marathon at age 48. GULP! You can read about the next part of my journey here.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I have not felt a lot of certainty during my weight loss journey. It would be nice to say that when I started I had a "this time is different" feeling. But I didn't. Every week I would think "This is the week I stop losing weight. I am meant to be fat."

I have been reluctant to set goals recently. I am uncertain I will meet them. However, this is the number I have in my head. 111. The repeating "1" pleases my left brain, and it is also the number of days between 3/11/2011 (the day I was thinking about goals) and 6/30/2011 (my one year anniversary since I started to lose weight). In those 111 days, I want to move out of the overweight category, which would mean losing about 14 lbs (going from 173 lbs to 159 lbs). At less than 1 lb per week, that is very achievable. I already am down to 171.5 (my weight this morning). Still I am not certain I will meet the goal.

This may sound like a negative post, but actually it is quite the opposite. I am convinced you don't need certainty to lose weight. What do you need? A plan and a willingness to take it day by day.

There is one thing I am certain of ... there is no going back for me. I may never lose another ounce, but I will never see 200 again.


Julie said...

Me either!!!! I'd like 165 but even at 177, I'm content. Still wanting more but if not, never again 200 or even 190, how about 180, nope don't want to see them either.
You can do it. 111 is a great number. I have 40 days to my wedding dress goal. Oh I know it won't be an 18 year old in that dress but even a 49 year old in her wedding dress, that would be cool (just in case you didn't know, not a white wedding dress, I eloped and made my dress). You can do this. I have faith in you.
Take care and thank you for stopping by. Blessings my friend.

135by2012 said...

I have been psyching myself out since I started this process and I know has affected my sticking to program to achieve the goals I set out for myself. I sometimes have to talk myself out of it and just keep going. I like your 111 day goal. You can do it, we are all in your corner cheering you on.