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Six years ago I decided (age) 42 would be my magic number. I stepped on the scale for the first time in a LONG time. It was a BIG number, it was a SCARY number, but mostly I knew I had to own that number. I lost 40 pounds, leaving the obese category behind. In 2014 I committed myself to working out HARD and a low sugar diet, losing more weight and gaining nice definition. Then life happened, and I lost momentum, gaining some weight back. My goals now are different, and include completing my first ever marathon at age 48. GULP! You can read about the next part of my journey here.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Plan for the Week

This is the week I plan to drop below 170.
I will do the following:
1. Work out M-T-W-F. I did 2 Brazil workouts on Th and Fri last week, and then went to the track on Saturday. I was thinking about going to the track yesterday, but experience has shown me that my body really appreciates a rest after 3 days and in the long run, a rest is best.
2. Avoid all "dessert" like foods. This should not really be difficult.
3. Drink more water.
4. Wednesday I have plans for Mexican food and Hunger Games. If I get my head in the diet game, I will do ok at the restaurant. It is just a matter of having a plan.
5. Keep taking my vitamins. I am feeling so much better with them, and I need the energy to workout, especially since my only time to do so is late in the evening.

Saturday and Sunday I had good weigh ins, today I am up a couple of pounds ... delayed reaction to salty weekend food, which I trust will dissipate tomorrow.

Have a good week all. What are your good behavior plans?

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Nanette said...

Oh man, I've got all sorts of plans for this week as it's the last week of my other challenge that I'm in... Gonna push hard and eat clean! :)