Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Have Bag of Rice, Will Travel

When it comes to weight loss, I believe 90% of success is in planning. Willpower and motivation will never take you through the long haul. You can't "discipline" yourself into a lasting solution. For me, a key part of meal planning is making sure I have enough portion-controlled healthy food to last me through the workday, so I don't end up buying a wrap from food service, or inhaling a 1/2 pound of cashews. I also like to do things the easy way, and although I have mixed feelings about overusing disposable plastic products, the sad truth is that I find packing plastic containers for work a nuisance. So my go to lunch is now dumping a bag of brown rice into a bowl, and eating it with cottage cheese. I guarantee you this is the WORST looking lunch ever -- a sickening combination of white and beige. But it is "real" food, a decent source of protein, low in sugar, and for some strange reason, I actually like it. I get tired of other protein sources like roast chicken, but I never get tired of cottage cheese.


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Julie said...

Cooked rice, right? I am working on that planning ahead part. I know menu planning is not my forte but I can do a day at a time with what I have on hand and while shopping I know what I need for the week cuz my ideas don't change much.
Good ideas. I've been trying to catch up so am this far so far.